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When I look at my user data folders where there is a config folder, there is no .admin.txt' file present. Is your answer referring to a different location?

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You are probably looking at the wrong location, or you do not have permission on your system to view the file. Its impossible to tell with the information you are providing
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Which path are you currently looking at, and are you using a hosting provider like The Forge?
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I am not hosting remotely (the route to that is not clear from the guidance available so I host on my own machine). So, from the advice above, I looked at the two obvious routes available to me - the programme files location, and the user files location. The only location where there is a 'config' folder is in the user files area, and in that folder there is no Admin.txt file visible
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Here's what my folder structure looks like:

├ Config
│ ├── admin.txt
│ ├── apache-selfsigned.crt
│ ├── apache-selfsigned.key
│ ├── license.json
│ ├── options.json
│ ├── options.json.lock
│ └── storage.json
├ Data
│ ├── assets    
│ ├── modules
│ ├── resources
│ ├── systems
│ └── worlds
└ Logs
  ├── debug.log
  └── error.log

This is pretty much what you should see, if there is no admin.txt file, there is no admin password set.

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I have:
- Options.json.lock
- Licence.json
- options.json
- storage.json
- Modules
- Systems
- Worlds
(so no 'assets' or 'resources')
- Debug.log
- Error.log

When I look at ,my 'configuration' function from the config and setup screen on first opening the application, there is clearly an Administrator Password present because I can see the 'dots' but I don't recall setting an Administrator password, and there seems no way to recover/ reset or see what it is. It's not stopping me from doing anything, but it is bugging me that I don't seem to have any access to it.

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If you do not see a admin.txt file, it means there is no administrator password set.