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I found another question that simply asks if it can be done on a Raspberry Pi 4, with an answer in the affirmative, but there's no further explanation and I'm having a hard time. Full disclosure, I'm not a programming whiz, but I'm hoping with time I'll get better. In any case, I have a RPi400 (the one built into the keyboard) and would like to run Foundry off it. I've downloaded the zip file and extracted it. The Linux installation instructions lose me after this:
"Once you have extracted the archive, locate the foundryvtt file in the directory and set the permission on it to allow execution as a program."

I also tried adding the .sh extension to the file but that didn't seem to do what I needed it to. I'm sure I'm missing something, and if someone could help me figure out what that is I'd greatly appreciate it!

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This article has a pretty comprehensive guide and worked for me a long time ago, which is to say I couldn't give you any more advice on interpreting the content beyond pointing you to it.


IIRC it was fiddly, and setting up SSL was especially so, but it's all functioning on a custom domain with secure access. So worth persevering with. FWIW I found this easier than setting it up on AWS.

Good luck!

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Its important to note that this guide should work on other Raspberry Pi models and most of it (if not all) would work on a laptop running Linux or even a hosted VPS.