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I want to change the animation on all my lights, and doing it one by one is a bit tedious.

I noticed that I can press alt on my keyboard and it highlights all the lights, but I can't seems to do anything else with that.

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Using the module Select Tool Everywhere, you can lasso a specific number of lights. That said, it doesn't allow for "addative lassoing", so you can only lasso the bulk of the lights, then use SHIFT+Click to add to the selection set for editing.

Otherwise, the module Tagger will allow you to give custom names to lights. Once that's done (copying configured lights FTW), you can call them with a Macro pretty easily.

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Select Tool Everywhere does not seem to work on V10, however. From the readme in the repo:

As of v10 this doesn't work for lights(it randomly crashes the canvas when moving multiple lights) and I don't know how to fix that so this doesn't enable the select tool for lights anymore.

I'll still take a look at Tagger