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I would like to have a Message-Of-The-Day that pops up when my players connect, is there a module that has this sort of functionality? Currently I just use a journal entry and then wait until everyone is paying attention to use the show to players function.

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I don't know of any module that would do that. If you need this for recaps of the last session, what I usually do is put it in the world description so it is visible before they log in, then read it to them when we start.

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This will get you there (with one caveat):

  1. Create a journal entry for your MotD. Make note of the name you give this journal entry. I'll use "MotD" in this example. Case is important. Save the journal entry. Do not change the journal entries permissions unless you want the payers to be able to open the entry manually anytime (or possibly edit ti depending on what permissions you give).
  2. Outside Foundry, open your worlds folder under your foundry Data folder. For me, this is G:\FoundryData\Data\worlds
  3. From here, enter the folder of the world you want to do this on (mine is G:\FoundryData\Data\worlds\cos). We'll call this folder the "World Folder".
  4. Open the world.json file in a handy text editor.
  5. Refer to this picture:

Find the "scripts" section as on line 18 in the image. You're going to add a comma (,) after the last named script in YOUR world.json file (like the comma at the end of line 19), then add a new line (without a comma) as I have done in line 20. Mind the placement of the [ and ] as in the image. Save the world.json file.
6. In the WORLD FOLDER (where world.json is) add a new plain text file named "motd.js".
7. Open motd.js in your text editor and enter the following line:

Again, note the "MotD" in there, it MUST be exactly the name of your journal entry, case sensitive.

That is it! You did it! Flip back to Foundry and refresh your browser. Anyone, player or GM, will be presented with the journal entry when you join your session.

Users will also be presented with it EVERY time they refresh the browser while in-game. Keeping track of who has seen it and for what sessions is too complicated for me. My workaround is that once everyone has joined (and therefore seen the MotD at least once), I simply change the name of the journal entry (I use "MotD_"). Now they don't see it when they join or refresh until I change the name back to "MotD".

Credit: I was taught how to do this by Mod Developer TheRipper93, all credit goes to him!